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A Few Words About Polis

Polis Chrysochous is a small picturesque town that lies on the western coast of Cyprus, 40 km from Paphos airport in a very quiet location, 1km from Chrysochous Bay, in what are the most attractive spot on the island with its natural beaches, the unspoiled beauty of the Akamas peninsula, and the Baths of Aphrodite, where the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, is said to
have bathed.

Polis is the ideal holiday location for those who appreciate authenticity and seek rest and tranquility in a pleasant and friendly environment, which blends mountains, sea and plain with a wonderful healthy climate, a mild winter, and warm and clean beaches.

Moreover, Polis Chrsochous is considered the location par excellence for nature lovers and those keen on active holidays such as hiking, cycling, horse riding and golf. The Tsada Golf Course is just 25 minutes away from the town.

Polis is served by the picturesque fishing port of Latsi-a pole of attraction all the year round and reputed for its fish taverns, its sea-sports facilities and boat rides up to Akamas peninsula.

You will be able to experience the renowned hospitality of the locals both in the town and in all the surrounding villages. This is an ideal location for relaxation and tranquility.

Walkers and those who appreciate a combination of sea, mountains, sports and typical Cypriot nightlife are sure of a memorable holiday in this area.


Explore the Akamas Peninsula: This untouched natural reserve offers stunning landscapes and wildlife1.

Boat Trips: Take a trip to the Blue Lagoon or embark on a full-day tour to explore the coastal beauty2.

Hiking: There are several trails, including the Avakas Gorge, which offer panoramic views and encounters with rare wildlife.

Tourists hiking near Inca Trail – Peru

Water Sports: Try scuba diving, water skiing, or sea-kayaking in the clear waters around Latchi Harbour3.


4×4 Quad Biking: A popular activity on the Akamas Peninsula, suitable for all ages3.

Relax at the Beach: Enjoy the sun and sea at Polis Municipal Beach or the more secluded Latchi Beach.


Church of Saint Andronikos: This 16th-century church is known for its significant wall paintings from the Venetian period. It’s a small, aisleless, barrel-vaulted church that was once converted into a mosque during Ottoman rule. The church is open for visits after consultation with the Polis Museum.

Church of Saint Andreas: Saint Andreas is a notable church located in the heart of Polis Chrysochous. It is a basilica-style building with a dome, and it was consecrated in June 1967 by the then Metropolitan of Paphos, Gennadios. The interior of the church is adorned with frescoes
and features a beautifully carved wooden iconostasis.

Church of Saint Nikolaos: Saint Nicholas is revered as the protector of sailors and fishermen, which is fitting for a town like Polis Chrysochous with its close ties to the sea. He passed away on
December 6, 343 AD, and posthumously named “Myrovlitis” for the myrrh his relics produced. Celebrated the same day he passed away, he is the patron saint of sailors, honored for his many sea-related miracles.

Beaches in Polis & Latchi

Latchi Beach: A serene spot with a pebbly shore and crystal-clear waters, Latchi Beach is perfect for those who enjoy a quieter beach experience. It’s well-known for its fishing port and fresh seafood served at nearby taverns1.

Aphrodite’s Beach: Named after the goddess of love, this beach features a rocky landscape with a restaurant overlooking the sea. It offers a peaceful environment and is ideal for visitors seeking solitude and natural beauty1.

Asprokremnos Beach and Yiannakis Beach: Boasting coarse sand and pristine waters, Asprokremnos and Yiannakis is accessible via a downhill path. It’s a great choice for an early swim and offers a secluded atmosphere away from the crowds1.

Polis Municipal Beach: This golden-sand beach is located in the heart of the tourist resort of Polis Chrysochous. With calm waters and family-friendly facilities, it’s a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

Argaka Beach: It offers a tranquil escape with its pristine sands and clear waters. The beach is backed by a unique landscape, where geological formations of calcareous sandstones and marls from the Pleistocene period meet the lush pine forest and alluvial plains.

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Discover the allure of the Akamas Peninsula with a Blue Lagoon cruise, a highlight for any visitor to Cyprus. Departing from the Latsi Harbour, this cruise offers guests an intimate view of the island’s unspoiled natural beauty.

Embark on a Nautical Adventure: The journey begins with a smooth sail along the rugged coastline, where the azure waters meet the lush landscapes of the Akamas National Park. Guests will be treated to sights of the historic Baths of Aphrodite and the awe-inspiring sea caves that dot the shoreline.

The Blue Lagoon Experience: The centerpiece of the excursion is the Blue Lagoon, a tranquil haven characterized by its crystal-clear waters and serene environment. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, the lagoon’s warm, inviting waters are a perfect respite from the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

Cypriot Hospitality at Sea: Onboard, guests can enjoy the renowned hospitality of Cyprus with complimentary local fruits and a refreshing drink. Additional refreshments are available for purchase, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Cruise Options for Every Guest: Whether you prefer to start your day with an invigorating morning trip, enjoy the calm of the afternoon, or witness the splendor of a sunset at sea, there is a cruise option to suit your schedule and preferences.

A Must-Do for Hotel Guests: Our Blue Lagoon cruises are an essential experience for guests seeking to explore the natural wonders of Cyprus. With options suitable for romantic getaways, family fun, or solo exploration, this excursion promises to be a memorable part of any stay.

Your Journey Awaits

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